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Is Gen Z the most stressed generation?

Is Gen Z the most stressed generation? Image result for gen z and mental health. According to Cigna International Health’s 2023 survey of almost 12,000 workers around the world, 91% of 18-to-24-year-olds report being stressed – compared to 84% on average. Research indicates they  are emerging as the most stressed demographic in the workplace, and struggling mightily to cope.

Why does Gen Z struggle with mental health

Gen Z faces chronic stress from many factors including school shootings, student debt, joblessness and even politics. Technology plays a role, too. Growing up in a hyper-connected world can evoke intense feelings of isolation and loneliness in some youth


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I also have an MA in Counseling Psychology  I worked as a crisis counselor, hospice counselor, trauma counselor at Vietnam Veterans of San Diego and Marriage, Family Child Counselor in private practice.

Writing is another thing I do, as I am a published author, recently published a children’s book called: “An Unlikely Champion: The Story of a Horse and the Girl Who Loved Him.” It is a true story about a horse who was felt to be inferior and how he and the little girl found his special gifting and went on to become world champions.