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Seniors. how do you deal with mental health in the elderly?

  • Play Mind Games. Just as the body needs physical activity and stimulation to stay healthy, the brain needs stimulation to stay sharp and avoid cognitive decline as we age
  • Get Physical
  • Stay Connected with Friends
  • Pick up a New Hobby
  • Volunteering
  • Caring for a Pet

Seniors, and the 3 major mental health disorders that are most common in older adults?

The most common mental disorders in older people include depression, anxiety, and substance abuse [2]. Mental disorders are associated with increased healthcare costs, mortality and suicide, along with interference with daily living, and a reduction in quality of life

Life Accolades

I also have an MA in Counseling Psychology  I worked as a crisis counselor, hospice counselor, trauma counselor at Vietnam Veterans of San Diego and Marriage, Family Child Counselor in private practice.

Writing is another thing I do, as I am a published author, recently published a children’s book called: “An Unlikely Champion: The Story of a Horse and the Girl Who Loved Him.” It is a true story about a horse who was felt to be inferior and how he and the little girl found his special gifting and went on to become world champions.