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Mindset Matters

Mindset mentor Peggy Easterling is a Certified Christian Mindset Coach, founder of The Mindset School, and creator of The Mindset School Podcast. So many women struggle living small lives while dreams and goals fade away when blocked by their own mental limitations. Peggy talks about the mind and the impact our thoughts have on our life. She explores our tendency to stay stuck on familiar, self-defeating “dog trails” and offers practical tools to help us create new neural pathways in our brain so we can live a life free of anxiety and depression. Her transparency and spirituality highlight our time together. Hope you enjoy this episode.


Welcome to DogGone Depression

I have created a program geared toward helping people overcome anxiety and depression. Knowing what it is like to struggle with these issues, I have spent decades working on gaining mastery. At last, I have compiled the best of everything I have learned and implemented in a concise course to help others find hope, healing, and happiness. Welcome to my first podcast.